Give Tips 3 Ways - Online, Call or Text 'speakout' plus your tip information to CRIMES (274637)
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When you contact SpeakOut Hotline you will always "talk" to a live person. When you have finished with your tip you will be given a number that the operator enters along with the information you give...

You will never be asked for your name, phone number, or location.

If you have more information later you can contact SpeakOut Hotline again and use your tip number to update your information or check on the progress of your tip. You can also add information to your tip by texting your update and don't forget to give your tip number!

Remember, you'll only need your number -- not your name.

what is anonymous?

(a-non-y-mous) adj: A person not identified by name or location: an anonymous letter; an anonymous phone call

No Caller ID - No Voice Record - No Trace

reasons to call speakout...

- Guns
- Knives
- Gangs
- Bullying
- Teasing
- Threats
- Harassment

- Fighting

- Sexual Misconduct

- Cutting

- Skipping school
- Fights
- Domestic Violence
- Child Abuse
- Sexual Assaults

- Suicide Threats

- Planned Parties
- Drugs
- Alcohol
- Stealing
- Vandalism
- Fire Starting
- Animal Cruelty

Or anything else that concerns you.
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