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Have you seen the following in your community or on your school's campus?

- Guns
- Threats
- Sexual Misconduct
- Vandalism
- Knives
- Harassment
- Sexual Assaults
- Fire Starting
- Explosives
- Fighting
- Suicide Threats
- Animal Cruelty
- Gangs
- Planned fights
- Planned parties
- Ditching
- Bullying
- Assaults
- Drugs
- Dating Violence/Stalking
- Meanness
- Domestic Violence
- Alcohol
- School Threats/Hit Lists
- Teasing
- Child Abuse
- Stealing
- Cheating


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Teen Volunteer Opportunities:

Brevard Zoo

Make new friends, learn something new and share your talents as a member of the Teen Team. Teen Team volunteers, ages 13 to 15, play a vital role in educating Zoo visitors about wildlife and conservation issues. Click here.

Teen Court Volunteers

Orange County Volunteers
The Central Florida Paralegal Association needs teen volunteers for its Teen Court program. Orange County volunteers meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Juvenile Justice Center. Contact David Medvec.

Osceola County Volunteers
Osceola County volunteers meet Wednesdays at the Osceola County Courthouse. Contact Angie Martinez.

Seminole County Volunteers
Seminole County volunteers meet Tuesdays at the Juvenile Justice Center in Sanford.
Contact Alison Mikel at 407-665-5364

Best Buddies High Schools

Since 1993, Best Buddies High Schools has paired students with intellectual disabilities in one-to-one friendships with high school students. By introducing Best Buddies into public and private high schools, participants are crossing the invisible line that too often separates those with disabilities from those without. Today, Best Buddies boasts more than 900 high school chapters worldwide. For information click here.

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